How to watch movies, TV series and IPTV channels

This article is intended for people who want to watch movies, TV series and IPTV channels absolutely free on Android devices, including TV boxes. The selection presented by us contains only those programs where content is presented only of excellent, or, in extreme cases, good quality.

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The first thing they look for after purchasing and connecting a TV set-top box based on Android is a small number of applications. And those that would allow you to watch Russian-language films, television series and IPTV channels online, and even free, may not exist at all. Most often they have programs from the Chinese or Americans. Which, of course, cannot suit Russian-speaking movie lovers.

What are the ways to watch online video on Android devices (Smart TV set-top boxes)

Due to its flexibility, Android provides the ability to watch online TV and movies in several ways. Some of them are free. The number of restrictions is very small. So, let’s start looking at the various options in more detail.

Viewing videos in a browser on Android

When using this method, the installed browser opens, and the name of the desired movie or any other media content is entered into the search bar. A phrase like this works best of all: “Watch the online movie title in HD quality.”

Why choose HD? This is explained by the fact that in online cinemas most often the video is heavily compressed, which means that in order to get good quality, you need to look for only HD. If the quality is lower, then a pixelated, blurry picture will appear on the screen, which will be unpleasant to look at on a TV with a large diagonal. That’s all, you need to select the desired link and start viewing.

The limitations that the user may face are few:

The site must have an html5 player, since many browsers on Android do not support Flash players.

A set-top box must have at least a minimum number of hardware functions that allow you to view video in a browser online. You have to understand that when using a cheap TV box or TV stick, it won’t take ten minutes before your favorite movie starts to slow down or twitch like an epileptic.

Watching torrent movies on Android

To do this, you just need to download the torrent file. For a user already familiar with the term torrent, all that remains is to install a media player application on Android, with which torrents are downloaded. There are many of them, but we like tTorrent more, and Torrent or Torrent (There is also a way, watching online torrent movies on Android, we will talk about this further).

When the download of the selected movie is over, you can simply open it in the video player. It is best to use VLC or MX Player for this purpose, as they have an excellent ability to support hardware encoding. Hence, watching the movie will go smoothly, without a hitch, as they say.

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