How to Work with G Suite

Google G Suite is a cloud-based product that is applicable to businesses of all sizes. With G Suite you can be sure that you will always have access to important information and you can stay in touch no matter what device you use. Probably, debates which one is better Android or iOS will never cease, but it’s known for sure that no matter what operating system you use, Google Apps will always work correctly. In addition to its safety and multifunctionality, G Suite supports the integration of other software within its applications. For example, NetHunt CRM integrates into G Suite perfectly complementing the already available functionality with additional one making the workflow even better.

If you just have some information, there is little use to it. All the value of information is its movement. With G Suite information can actively be used to achieve purposes. Teamworking helps to multiply the value of information, generate new ideas, and improve them. G Suite tools are pioneers in real-time collaboration. G Suite is a functional, reliable and at the same time the most simple solution for working online.

This software might be extremely comfortable for implementation in a large international project involving several teams, particularly if employees know a little about each other.

Here are why G Suite is exactly the solution you need:

  1. All documents company can store on Google Drive, while everyone who has the relevant access has the ability to review, comment, and edit the documents. The administrator can open the document for editing, commenting, or just for viewing optionally to a specific person or everyone who has a link to the document also given by the administrator. If the administrators don’t want someone to save a copy of the document for themselves, they can put an additional ban on copying and printing. You can also limit the period of access to documents if you have a clear project deadline.
  2. For maximum productivity, you can use Google Docs formats, which include powerful collaboration tools, luckily not taking up space on Google Drive. Documents also provided with offline mode, so that customers would always have access to information.
  3. Creating and editing online Text Files, Spreadsheets and Presentations with Google Docs became easier than ever. Managers can work together with colleagues, up to 50 people can simultaneously work with the same file. You can easily work with Google Docs on the go, using voice input, searching the Internet directly from the document, convenient notifications and much more are also predicted.
  4. You can quickly gather information using Google forms. Create a survey, distribute it by choosing a convenient way and get the results in the form of visual presentations and graphics in the same file. The correctness of the answers can easily be checked with Google Forms. Specify the correct answer choices and Google will automatically evaluate the results.
  5. Finally, you can present the results of your work as a separate Google Site.

All these and many more additional bonuses are waiting for those who would try the perfect integration of G Suite applications family and NetHunt CRM system that continues to develop to make the workflow for business companies easier and much more productive.

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