Taking it Easy: How to Break a PDF into Parts Using PDFBear Services

Getting the ability to break a PDF file into parts is a typical activity that users have to deal with in their daily work hustle. Often it is to remove unwanted pages from the PDF, other occasions include breaking the PDF file into separate issues, and sometimes it is so that different pages of the PDF can be shared with several individuals.

If you need to submit Excel, Word, or similar documents, there are a lot of reasons you need to convert them to PDF first. However, if you’re dealing with huge files and searching for a way to break PDFs into different pages, then you’ve come to the right spot. Here in this post, you can explore the best and easiest way to split PDF files.

Factors Responsible for Splitting PDF

There might be a variation of reasons for a user to split a PDF file. One of these is getting documents that have many pages, significantly saving divided chapters that offer more clarity. The split function is often useful when some parts of the text are not designed for the reader. Adding to it is a simple way not to erase current pages from a file. Luckily, there’s a way for you to easily split PDF file online!

Here, you can see some primary factors responsible for the division:

  • Splitting PDF files into smaller segments is readily accessible and straightforward to handle. It is also easier to read and open small chunks of PDF by using any available PDF reader resources.
  • Huge PDF files devour a lot of time to upload, and they even contribute to getting corrupted when downloading. If you split a large PDF file into small sections, it aids in sharing smaller files as email attachments.
  • Dividing PDF files is essential since users cannot find a page from various pages.
  • Once the portable document file format has been split up, users do not need to share the entire PDF file since only one page can be shared easily.

Divide PDF Files into Multiple Pages Using PDFBear

PDFBear, as a lightweight web-based tool, can be your go-to tool whenever you need to split PDF documents into multiple pages. The device has come up with extraordinary features and updates that are ideal for its users. To manage PDF files more efficiently, you need to save the good part. It will be easier for you to split a PDF file if you follow these simple steps:

  • First, open and launch PDFBear on your search browser.
  • Click on the File menu. Choose the Open option to select PDF or simply drop or drag the portable document format file you wish to split.
  • Navigate towards the Document menu, select the pages you want to break it to and click Split Document.
  • After choosing the pages, tap to enhance the pages you pick and transmit it into an individual PDF.
  • Now you will go to the download page, and your newly-modified file is ready to download.

More Than Just PDF

PDFBear provides users with an acceptable section of features they need to make daily work with PDF files hassle-free and manageable. This online converter provides over twenty extraordinary resources and gives users free trial access to features without restrictions and limitations.

Apart from that, PDFBear promises that the user’s private data and information will not be exchanged with unauthorized individuals. They have an incredible invention that they use, which specifically refers to any method they have. It is necessary to provide a structure that ensures the security of the client.

Unique Features of Splitting PDF

The widespread use of PDF files has led to diverse needs to edit PDF files, ranging from compressing, editing, combining, and finally separating PDF files. PDF splitting can sound like a complicated process to execute, but it’s simple to do. Any of the excellent features of splitting PDFs provide a safe environment for the user.

Besides, splitting PDF into sections also gives you the option of encrypting documents and deleting files based on the number of pages. You can even break PDF files by their range, size, and pages. It also allows for a precise arrangement of the various segments of the text or the individual pages. And finally, there are no restrictions on the division of PDF files.


PDFBear has developed its platform with the ultimate aim of being an easy-to-use management tool. Now that you already know about a wide range of measures that you can use to break a PDF file, you can try to see if it is easy and convenient. If you need to remove unique pages from a PDF file, you can follow the guide above.


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