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How to Properly Use Everlasting Comfort’s New Soap Dispenser

You finally received Everlasting Comfort’s new soap dispenser and it’s time to set it up. You know it’s a huge upgrade over traditional soap dispensers, but you really need to find out how to properly use it.

Look no further. This article will go over the best ways to make the most out of your new purchase and be sure it’s operating at peak efficiency. Read on and learn just what the new soap dispenser can do for you. 

Step by Step Process


  • Getting Started


The first step to properly using your new automatic soap dispenser is to install the batteries and look for the LED indicator light to blink green. This means it’s on, when it blinks red, this means the unit is off. A red indicator will also signal that the soap dispenser is low on battery.

Once properly powered, you are ready to move on to get it ready to help you wash your hands better!


  • Fill the Large Capacity Soap Tank


You’ll want to fill up your soap tank next. The Automatic Soap Dispenser from Everlasting Comfort offers a large 500ml tank, you don’t have to worry about filling it very often. Just run to the store, pick out your favorite liquid hand soap, and fill it up, it’s really that easy.

Because of the customizable soap output level, which we’ll discuss next, this large tank will ensure you don’t have to continuously refill the dispenser, which is a favor to your pocketbook. 


  • Set up Soap Dispenser Output Level


Next, you’ll need to set your desired soap output levels. With normal hand pump soap dispensers, you never know if you’re going to fill your hand with one pump or have to pump it ten times to get enough soap out. With the hands-free operation of the automatic soap dispenser, you can set the soap output level between one and five to make sure you get the desired amount every single time.

This is a great way to ensure that you aren’t wasting soap by overpouring with each wash. If you have home that your share with children, you can rest assured they will not be using too much soap when they wash up after dinner. This again, helps tremendously with your household expenses when every little bit counts.


  • Touchless Operation


After you’ve got everything set up and ready to go, the operation is easy. The Automatic Soap dispenser is equipped with a motion detector, so all you need to do is place your hand underneath the dispenser and it will squirt the perfect amount of soap right into your palm. 

This is great because traditional soap dispensers are often better places to pick up germs than getting rid of them. Getting rid of the need to pump the dispenser works wonders in creating a more hygienic environment in your home or office. 

Other Uses

The Everlasting Comfort Automatic Soap Dispenser is not just for hand soap. It can double as a dispenser for dish soap as well. In fact, this is a wonderful use of this new product in addition to its benefits as a hand soap dispenser. 

This means no more having to try and grab a slippery dish soap bottle with wet soapy hands. Simply place your sponge or brush underneath the dispenser and reapply soap and keep on washing away!

A Few Things to Note

The Automatic Soap Dispenser is meant to be placed on the vanity in your bathroom or countertop in your kitchen. It is built with a sturdy rubber base that prevent slipping, wobbling, or tipping over. In addition to this, all of the batteries and electrical components are safe from corrosion due to the rubber battery compartments.

This soap dispenser is only compatible with traditional hand soap or dish soap, foaming soap will not work in the unit. The advantage of using traditional soap is a deeper clean and it does not run dry quite as quickly. 

Each unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty against materials and workmanship. This means even if something unexpectedly fails to meet Everlasting Comfort’s quality standards, they will send you a replacement for free.


Adding the Everlasting Comfort Automatic Soap Dispenser to your home will certainly be one that will improve the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and cleanliness in your home. Now that you know how to properly set it up and its many uses, you can set it up and get to washing hands like you never have before!


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