Is a Pocket Hose Worth It? What You Need to Know

With all of the things in the world to spend money on, you might wonder if a pocket hose is worth the purchase? However, if you are tired of wrestling with your regular hose, spending precious time quite literally working out the kinks in your hoses, and having your hose take up way more space than it should in the corner of your house or garage, then you owe it to yourself to check out the benefits of a pocket hose.


Still, you do need to figure out all the benefits of a pocket hose to see what that can do for you, and you also need to understand what makes a pocket hose so different from a regular hose. This article is going to walk you through the benefits of a pocket hose, and by the time you finish reading, you will certainly be considering a purchase!

What Is A Pocket Hose?

A pocket garden hose or an expandable garden hose is a hose that is designed to be resistant to kinks, knots, and curling, and also is designed to expand whenever it is filled with water pressure. It also retracts and becomes very easy to store whenever the water pressure is turned off as well.


Pocket hoses are able to be stored in pockets, on shelves, and in drawers as well. Even hoses that can grow to be one hundred feet long can be very easy to bundle up and store up whenever they don’t have any water going through them. For a hose where you don’t have to wrestle with it and continually undo kinks is often worth the cost of admission for buying a pocket hose, at least according to the pocket hose reviews.

Pocket Hoses Don’t Lose Water Pressure

One of the biggest problems with a traditional hose is that you sometimes have to worry about the hose losing water pressure whenever it is kinked. Then you need to go and fight with the hose to get the kink out and retrieve the water pressure as well. However, pocket hoses tend to have very high water pressure, and they will not be stopped if the pocket hoses kink up or get tangled. 


This often comes from what the hose is made out of, and pocket hoses are often very flexible and made from a different material than regular hoses. This also allows them to expand quickly whenever they are being filled with water pressure, and also to self drain themselves once the water drains out. 


Instead of having to be put on a slope or drained out by other means, all of the water inside of the hose is self-emptying whenever the water is turned off and the hose is allowed to shrink. Both of these features can be very helpful for people who plan to use their hoses regularly because you won’t have to wrestle with your hose and drag it out of its place just to water everything. 

They Are Extremely Light

Even if you have a hose that is not kinked, sometimes you need to carry the hose over to another section of the yard. For traditional hoses, they can take a very long time to drag over, and even carrying them over your shoulder can be tough because they can be very heavy. If you are worried about being able to carry or drag a pocket hose around, then don’t worry!


Pocket hoses are very light and extremely easy to carry and maneuver around. If they are coiled up and have no water going through them, then they are small enough to fit into a pocket. Even when you are spraying water with them you don’t need to worry about the weight, because the pocket hose is very easy to move around without any real trouble.


If you have had enough of dragging your hose from one end to the home and garden to the other, dealing with kinks and water pressure problems all along the way, then a pocket hose will be very helpful for you.

Pocket Hoses Are Very Easy

Sometimes life can be very hard, but being able to water your garden, wash your car, and cool yourself after a hot day doesn’t have to be. A pocket hose will allow you to move around your yard with a hose that is easy to carry. Even the biggest hoses will be simple to manipulate and use, and once you finish the hose will shrink back to its normal size and will allow you to store it without any trouble or fuss.


For all of these advantages, the pocket hose is something that more than pays for itself, especially if you are planning on watering over a large area. So, give it a buy and bask in those advantages yourself!

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