Top 5 Loh e Qurani Designs for Your Sitting Area

Islam is a complete religion that provides a way of life, code of conduct and brings peace into our lives. The blessings of the Quran are immeasurable and beyond human understanding. The rewards of reading Quran are known to all Muslims as verses and surahs are read in each prayer five times a day.

A strong relationship with the Quran has led encouraged Muslims to use the Huroof-e-Muqattaah in their daily lives. They can be described as abbreviated letters that are at the beginning of some of the QuranicSurahs. The zikar, tasbeh or repetition of the Loh E Qurani is a kind of prayer and tool to access the blessings of Allah. As these are Qurani texts they are advised to only be held when in ablution, to avoid any disrespect they are often hung on the walls of the home.

There are lots of various artistic mediums and craftsmanship with which the Loh E Qurani are created, the techniques of calligraphy are used to write the text. Following are the five best kinds of Loh E Qurani for your drawing room, living room, lobby or office.

Oil and Ink Painting

The combination of painting and calligraphy have been popular all over the world. Islamic texts are painted onto canvas and paper with various styles of lettering. The colourful paint is used to create the background and the text is usually decorated with Islamic geometry and mosaic patterns.  The loh e qurani calligraphy is quite popular and it is widely use in subcontinents.

Woven Tapestry  

The South Asian, Persian and Middler Eastern textile industries are known for their silk thread tapestries and carpets. The Loh E Qurani is beautifully woven into these tapestries that can be hung on the wall. They are long-lasting and durable ensuring that the colours will not fade over time as thread lasts longer than paper.


There are craftsmen who will use leather as a surface to write Loh e Qurani as it is a durable material and considered precious as compared to paper or canvas. The leather can be of various qualities depending on your personal budget. Some pieces are even painted with acrylic paint that is waterproof. The colours are subtle and muted that look modest and humble as compared to oil paintings that are brightly coloured.


The welded metal used to create LoheQurani is another popular style that feels long-lasting and historical as compared to other wall hangings. Metal can be stored for generations without fear of damage, decomposition or deterioration. It is highly weatherproof and flameproof ensuring that the LoheQurani will never be destroyed.

Wood and Stone

Our historical craftsmanship includes wood and stone carving by hand, this is a dying art form that is revered all around the world. The Loh E Qurani in wood and stone feels sculptural and is considered the most expensive in price. The expertise to carve calligraphy lettering into wood and stone takes generations of training and skill.

Families use the Loh e Qurani to celebrate their love for Allah and the Quran in their homes. The calligraphy tradition has been around for thousands of years and using LoheQurani ensures believers feel protected at all times in their home. They are frequently recited and are considered to have a positive impact on family members.

Muslims prefer to use Arabic text instead of faces, figure or portraits to thang as decoration in their living and drawing rooms. Loh E Qurani pieces are a great way to personalise the home as a Muslim and be able to observe your faith with more passion and enthusiasm.

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