Make Your Halloween Party Perfectly Safe and Spooky!

Under the assumption that Halloween will not be postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, given that we will be allowed to hold Trick-or-Treats or Halloween costume parties so long as social distancing will be observed, you still can rock that party host in you and pull off an epic night to remember for your guests.

Below are tips to make your Halloween party perfectly spooky! 

Select a theme and commit to it. Ask your attendees via a survey if they want to follow a specific theme or if they think it’s more fun to make them decide what costume they are going to wear for the party. Once you have arrived at a consensus, you need to make sure your place is ready for it. You can also ask for your friends or neighbours’ help for the decorations. Set up props and wall art at your house. The Halloween wall signs by Widdlytinks can be a good way for you to welcome your attendees when they see these decors on your front door. 

Set up a free-for-all costumetable. If you are following a theme for the Halloween party, make sure that you have prepared extra costumes for your visitors who bring any costume with them. Be sure that you have sanitized and disinfected each clothing article, or props and always give them hand sanitizers and alcohol sprays. It is also best if you could provide disposable surgical masks that can protect yourselves from droplets.

Provide solo cups for the liquors. Most of us would be forgetting to follow safety protocols especially when the “other alcohol” is involved in the merrymaking. To be extra careful that your partygoers will not be sharing their cups and glasses, provide them with solo glasses for the entire night. You can have a marker ready and make them right their names on the cups that they are having for the night, just so the visitors won’t mistake the others’ cup as theirs. 

Make the night more spooky with the awarding ceremony. During the party, slip into the moment and announce from time to time a winner. You can come up with a simple “the best in (insert criteria here) award” and give them extra access to a bottle of wine or liquor, or gift certificates, or any souvenir that you have.

Have a very creepy party with antiques. Nothing scares you more than seeing old stuff and furniture or paintings that will make you run horrifying stories behind your head. You can decorate your place with old dolls and dollhouses, fake cobwebs or vintage made up photos. The Halloween wall signs by Widdlytinks surely can make a great addition to your scare tactics.

Settle down with scary stories and tarot reading. Every person in your party should have a scary story or two to share. Whether it be something that they heard from others, or about an urban legend that they know, or any scary historical trivia that they have in their bag of stories. Add a little twist – if the crowd likes the stories they are sharing, then they get themselves a free tarot reading.

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