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Prepare for the JEE Exam smartly

To succeed one needs proper preparation with a well-developed strategy. If you are aiming for a seat in the top-rated and prestigious institute like IITs, NITs, IIITs, GFTIs, or in any good engineering college present across the country.JEE Main is the largest and most competitive UG engineering exam which makes it one of the toughest exams for students in India.JEE Main is conducted twice a year by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The exam will be a computer-based test that will provide you with a seat in one of the following universities: 31 NITs, 25 IIITs, or 24 GFTIs.To secure a seat in IIT one has to appear for JEE Advanced after clearing the mains. 

Cracking JEE Main is not at all an easy task. It requires months or even years of hard work and preparation with total devotion towards cracking this exam. The starting of preparations differs from student to student. Some start preparing at least a year ahead while some tend to start only a month or two before the scheduled examination date. Well, that doesn’t matter if you have proper study planning. Everybody has their own strategy for exam preparation but the common thing seen is students mostly end up being under pressure and anxiety.

If you’re one among those who are facing immense pressure due to depleting time for preparation and the vast syllabus left uncovered, here is a complete study plan for you to prepare better for the JEE Mains exam. These tips will not only prove to be helpful for you but will also increase your chances of cracking the JEE examination.

Your basic aim should be to follow a study plan for as long as possible. While it’s impossible to maintain a very high level of efficiency, at least devote 8 hours to studies in a day. Follow a good routine: Wake up early in the morning and avoid studying till very late at night as it will only make you feel stressed with your preparation. Utilize the last days left for your exam revising and practicing questions as much as possible focus more on important topics as they feature majorly in the exam. Allot some time relaxing and doing some activity that will act as mood fresheners. 

How to Prepare for JEE Main

The first step to this answer would be the formulation of a good study plan that will include a well-defined exam pattern, syllabus, mock tests, practice, and lots of revision. 

Study your Syllabus well 

NTA has elaborated the syllabus into a study form. This has allowed students to know how and what to prepare for JEE Main. Know which topics to study and stress the important ones more. To crack JEE Main, one needs to be very thorough with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics of classes 11 and 12. Divide the JEE Main syllabus into easy, moderate, and very tough so that you get an idea of how to start your preparation. You can also check weightage-wise topics and segregate them accordingly. Here are some  Important Topics carrying more weightage

JEE Main Important Topics of Physics which carry high weightage

  • Thermodynamics 
  • Electrostatics 
  • Current Electricity 
  • Magnetism 
  • Electromagnetic Waves 
  • Optics 
  • Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
  • Electronic devices 
  • Communication Systems 

JEE Main important maths topics with high weightage

  • Sets, Relations, and Functions 
  • Complex numbers and quadratic equations 
  • Matrices and Determinants
  • Permutations and combinations 
  • Sequence and series 
  • Integral Calculus 
  • Limit, continuity, and differentiability
  • Coordinate geometry 
  • Three Dimensional Geometry 
  • Statistics and Probability 
  • Trigonometry 

JEE Main important Chemistry topics with more weightage

  • Some basic concepts in chemistry 
  • Equilibrium 
  • Redox Reaction and Electrochemistry 
  • Chemical kinetics 
  • p- Block Elements 
  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
  • d – and f – Block elements 
  • Coordination Compounds 
  • Environmental Chemistry 
  • Organic Compounds containing Oxygen 
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life 
  • Principles Related to Practical Chemistry 

Solve as many practice papers as possible

 If you feel you are fully prepared in a particular topic, go through the previous year’s question papers and get the questions related to the topic you have prepared, solve them, and keep in mind the time you have allotted to that subject during the actual exam. Look for solutions and analyze yourself based on speed and accuracy. You can also refer to the JEE Main 2020 Question paper with Solutions. An analysis of the past year’s papers of JEE Main is very important to know the question type and marks allotment as well. Mock tests are essential. Taking the mock test at regular intervals will provide you with the actual scenario of the exam. You will understand how to handle questions under time pressure and will get a brief knowledge about how much time to devote to a particular section.

Time Management

Another tip for preparation is knowing to manage time well, aspirants should draw a well-defined study timetable and must ensure that they abide by it. Your goal should be to finish the entire syllabus within the stipulated time and then proceed towards  Revising all the notes and study material thoroughly as it will prove fruitful for you a month or fortnight before the exam leaving you relaxed.

Refer to good books for JEE Main 

While preparing for a national-level engineering exam, you must choose the right kind of books. Do not use too many reference books that will burden you and leave you confused. One should start their preparation by going through the NCERT Class 11 and 12 books. You can also go through the study material that is provided by the coaching center from where you have studied. Correct books hold a lot of significance since you cannot afford to waste time preparing inappropriate study material.

Seek clarification of topics 

Develop clarity for topics and concepts. One of the important tips for JEE Main preparation is to have a good hold over all the concepts. Candidates must remember that only if they have a good command of conceptual knowledge will they be able to apply them well at the time of the exam. Hence, get all your doubts cleared previously by your teachers

Make handy notes

Prepare short notes or mnemonics. Making short notes of key components or flashcards will save time before the main exam as you will be able to quickly go through these flash notes and revise the formula and other important points which you had noted down earlier. During your last-minute preparation going through every detail present in books will become difficult. It is then that these short notes prove to be handy in recalling the important points.

Sharpen your memory

Lastly, it is very essential that you remember what you have studied, it is imperative for one to be able to memorize and recall topics at the time of the exam. So you must concentrate on healthy food intake, and remain hydrated. Drink as much water as possible along with fresh juices. One can try meditation. that improves concentration and helps to visualize what you have studied and try to recall it by following in sequence.


Hope the above-mentioned tips help you with your preparation.

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