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Sehri Dua and its Benefits

Islam is one of the fastest growing religions on the face of this Earth. From the Eastern regions of the Pakistan, India and Bangladesh to the Western regions of the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada, the religion is increasingly becoming propagated.

Muslims, the believers of Islam, follow a particular calendar which particularly pertains to the followers of this religion only. Ramadan is the ninth month of this religious calendar wherein the Muslims all across the globe observes the activity of fasting. It is called sawm in the Arabic language. It is one of the five pillars of the Islamic religion and holds high value.

The practice of fasting is obligatory for all Muslims who are adult, with some exceptions such as illness or travelling. The fasting spans from sunrise to sunset. The meal through which the fast is broken is called the iftar and the predawn meal with which a Muslim begins his fast is called the sehri.

Sehri is a very important activity which ensures that a Muslim is able to conduct the fast with ease. It is the meal which is being consumed by before commencement of the fast. Although it is not obligatory to do sehri in order to commence your fast, most of the religious scholars are of the view that it is preferable.

There are many reasons why one should take sehri. For example, it enables a Muslim to conform to the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (pbuh). It further facilitates you to remember Allah and therefore, attracts the blessings of Allah. Given its importance, one should always engage in this activity and commence their fast thereafter.

Benefits of Sehri Dua

Sehri Dua

Sehri does not only entail the activity of consuming predawn meal which enables you to keep fast with ease. It is also preferable that a Muslim engages in the activity of saying prayers after taking sehri. It is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). It also refers to the dua that you are intending to fast for the coming day. The dua for sehri is as follows: ‘Wa besawmi ghadin navaiytu shaahre Ramadan’. The translation of this Arabic dua in English is that ‘I intend and aim to observe the fast for the next day in the Holy Month of Ramadan’.

Once you have read this dua, it means that you have now commenced the fast and therefore, are not allowed to eat or drink anything until the time of iftar. It is essentially read to confirm and show that you intend to fast. Recital of such dua is a manifestation of your intentions.

There are some scholars who are of the view that this dua is not obligatory. As far as you have made the intention to fast in your hearts, there is no need to for an explicit expression. However, again, it is preferable to do so since it clearly shows the intent. It may also encourage other people, who are not fasting, to observe such activity.

As mentioned above, your dua should not be restricted to the intention to fast, but also other duas which you may also make during other times. Following are some of the benefits of observing dua during the time of sehri:

  1. Dua is one of the most important weapons of any Muslim. It is one of those opportunities that no one can take away from a believer. Allah has said that He will always be there to answer our prayers. Therefore, one should make the most out of the Ramadan since it is a holy month during which the prayers are answered the most.
  2. The month of Ramadan is one of the most blessed times in the lifetime of a Muslim. It is imperative that the Muslims know the importance of such time and therefore, make the most out of it. Although one should make duas on a regular basis and throughout the lifetime, the month of Ramadan clearly holds more value in all respects. Therefore, if a believer makes a dua during Ramadan, it will be more powerful and effective as compared to the rest of the year.
  3. There are some verses in the Holy Quran which indicates that the duas of a Muslim should increase in the month of Ramadan. This is one of the reasons why you should particularly be concerned about making duas in this month.
  4. If you want to be closer to Allah during Ramadan, then you should begin your fast (which is right after the time of sehri) by making a dua. It will connect you with your Lord in a spiritually effective way. When dua is being made to Allah, it indicates the humans are weak and have no ability whatsoever. It shows that human beings are reliant on Allah in all ways and manners. We need Allah and accordingly, we are nothing without His help.
  5. The benefits of making Sehri dua are immense. One of the primary goals of any believer is to gain as much rewards in this life and the hereafter. There are many ways in which this objective can be achieved. One of them is to make as many duas as possible. This is particularly applicable to the month of Ramadan, in which the duas have more effective value. If a Muslim wants to get as many rewards as possible in this life and the life hereafter, then he should engage in the activity of doing duas during the time of sehri.
  6. Our lives are full of hardships and difficulties. At every stage of life, we come across hundreds of problems, tribulations and trials. Every Muslim wishes that these problems are resolved. Clearly, one should work their way to resolve the problems. However, this cannot be done without the help of Allah. If you want the current life to be free of problems and potential calamities, then you should make dua in the Holy month of Ramadan and especially at the time of sehri (fajr). It makes things easier for you in this life. Irrespective of the nature of your problem, you should engage in the activity of making dua.
  7. When a Muslim makes dua, he is the closest to Allah at that point in time. It is a pride and honor for a believer to be such close to Allah and this is when any prayers can be made to Him. Every sehri in the month of Ramadan shall be commenced with duas to ensure that you remain as close to Allah as much as possible.
  8. Clearly, the best benefit of making dua in sehri is its fulfillment. We make duas with an expectation that the same will be fulfilled by Almighty Allah. As believers, we have a belief that we will get all those things which is predetermined by Allah. However, when we make dua, we ask for what has been predetermined for us. This gives us strength, hope and it further fortifies the bond between the believers and Allah. Although the dua may not be fulfilled in our lives, but it will be accepted in the hereafter. Therefore, by making duas we are reinforcing our love for Allah.
  9. Dua is one of the most effective ways in which we can seek Allah’s mercy for all the sins that we engage into on a regular basis. It is an opportunity given to the Muslims to seek for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. Given that we are humans, we engage in different kinds of sin, and in great magnitude, all the time. Dua is an ultimate way through which we can repent our sins. Therefore, Muslims should engage into the habit of observing duas during the sehri time and seek for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. Doing such an act is more beneficial in the holy month of Ramadan.
  10. It is reported by many Islamic scholars that dua is a powerful weapon which can even change the destiny of a Muslim. Especially if you observe duas during the time of sehri. If you are in fear that something bad or a calamity may happen with you, then you may make dua to Allah to protect you from the same. Allah may accept such dua and save you from such misfortune. Duas have the power and strength to change your destiny. Therefore, make sure that duas are being offered all the time during Ramadan, especially at the time of sehri.
  11. Arrogance is one those traits which is disliked by the Almighty Allah. Therefore, every Muslim should ensure that he remains as humble as possible during his lifetime. Having an arrogant attitude is not a characteristic of a Muslim. Dua is an effective way through which arrogance can be avoided. It ensures that the hearts always remain humble. Whenever a believer makes dua, he feels that he is entirely dependent on Allah and reinforces the feeling of reliance on Him. This shows that a human being is powerless. All the matters are only and solely decided by Allah. Our duas only help us to achieve those things. Therefore, if you observe duas on a regular basis, it will create a sense of feeling that we are dependent on Allah and are nothing without Him. This eradicates all the arrogance we may potentially have.
  12. Making dua during sehri time is an indication of how strong your Iman is. Even if you are doing really well if life and have all the blessings, observing prayers show that your Iman is strong. Therefore, one should make duas all the time.
  13. The most obvious benefit and the one that every Muslim knows that making duas result into a lot of blessings. The sole reason why you should offer duas is to receive significant blessings of Allah in all forms and manner. In fact, there are many reported Hadith which indicates that a Muslim who does not make duas may displease Allah. This shows that by offering prayers and making duas, one can seek the blessings and pleasure of Almighty Allah. You may even feel more blessed automatically as soon as you start making prayers and duas to Almighty Allah.

Uses of Sehri Dua

There are no specific uses of engaging into sehri dua. However, above are the benefits listed of how offering duas at the time of sehri can be useful for a Muslim. From seeking forgiveness and mercy of Almighty Allah to getting rewards and blessings in this life and hereafter, there are innumerable benefits of making duas.

Some households even make a frame of ‘sehri ki dua’ and hang it in their premises. This is not only for aesthetic purposes but also attracts blessing. Therefore, this can be construed as one of the uses of sehri dua. You may find many calligraphers who may make creative frames of sehri dua.

The bottom line

Above is all that you essentially need to know about sehri and making duas during such time. However, in order to ensure that your dua is more effective, you need to ensure that the right etiquette is followed. At the outset, you should have utmost faith in Allah that He will respond. This ensures that your dua is more effective. Furthermore, whenever you start duas, make sure you begin with praising Allah and calling His beautiful names. This should be followed by praising the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Also make sure that when you are making a dua, it is done in a humble manner. You should be facing qiblah when possible. Keeping these manners into account will help in making duas in the right manner.

It is also preferable that you make a list of duas that you want to make beforehand and offer the same during sehri time. This will help you be on track and not forget any of them. Given that the duas can change our fate and life, one should religiously engage in this activity, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan.

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