Tips for Optimizing PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most popular ways of driving traffic towards eCommerce websites. Amazon sellers, for instance, tend to invest heavily in PPC campaigns. During a PPCcampaign, an advertiser pays a publishing website owner a commission to host a link. Every time that link is clicked, a small commission fee is paid.

There are, generally speaking, two models of PPC payment. In a flat rate arrangement, a set fee is paid by the advertiser every time a click is made by a consumer. This fee is worked out beforehand based on the value of the link and hosting website. In a bid rate arrangement, many advertisers all compete for the same link, with the link going to the bidder that can provide the highest commission. Here are some top tips for optimizing PPC campaigns in 2022.

Don’t Skimp on Keyword Research

If you don’t regularly and comprehensively research appropriate keywords, your PPC campaign is likely to be extremely inefficient. The goal of any PPCcampaign should be to get the most impactful traffic for the least amount of expenditure. Impactful traffic can only be attracted if the host page happens to attract the precise target audience of the advertiser. Agencies like specialise in conducting deep keyword research that enables the efficient distribution of funds during a PPC campaign. Without this research, you could end up wasting a lot of money on clicks that come to nothing.

Use Localised Landing Pages and Host Sites

By now, most online marketing and advertising professionals will be aware of the value of localized material. eCommerce leaders and online service providers can target consumer groups within individual localities by providing localised landing pages that specifically advertise the value of a product or service within an area. National real estate agents, for instance, may set up pages for each city they operate in. They can then locate host sites that specifically service the area they want to advertise to. This way, they can further segment their target audiences by location.

Make Use of Remarketing

Remarketing is the process of using data acquired from visitors to a website to further advertise to them and learn about their preferences. PPCcampaigns help to gather important data for remarketing: they let an advertiser know which specific members of their target audience are willing to visit their website thanks to affiliate links. They can be advertised to and also provide information about target audience segmentation.

Make Use of FOMO

FOMO – or Fear Of Missing Out – has always been an extremely important factor in advertising. It can be immensely useful in the creation of impactful PPCcampaigns. The wording of affiliate links can be devised to instill a sense of urgency in target consumers. Urgency is important in eCommerce. Consumers know that they have other chances to purchase items, so they might not feel particularly motivated to purchase after following an affiliate link. A sense of urgency can help convert clicks into purchases.

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