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What is Personal Branding, Why It’s Important, Benefits & Examples?

Personal branding is the most heard word during recent times. As believed by many branding is not a marketing strategy, it is an important aspect of your online presence and success in the business market. Establishing a personal brand is as important as establishing a business brand. You might think that you have not made any efforts to create a personal brand but, it already exists if you have an online presence. It is important for everyone in the knowledge market to harness and control personal brand.

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is the process of establishing a public persona to the target audience by communicating your values, beliefs and goals effectively. For instance, Nike has built its brand around the needs of athletes by creating high-performance products and supporting them with active lifestyles. This is an exact approach you need to have while you create a personal brand online. Just think about how your brand is communicated to the target audience and work around.

Why do you need a personal brand?

It is not that you necessarily create a personal brand on self, publishing a blog post online will reveal your personality aspects to the reader. Taking control over personal brand presence online needs you to take control of the narrative aspect and what you want the audience to see. It is just presenting yourself in the best possible way to achieve your goals. When you present your personal brand online, start with harnessing your personality, focus on your character trait to illustrate your skills and stand out of competitors. Believe in yourself as a brand to outstand the crowd. Know your strengths and weakness and present both of them in a way along to portray your honesty. You should have boundaries on what you want to share with your followers.

Sites like EifnoxGrowth helps individuals to get popular on Instagram. It helps accounts to get more organic reach by working on hashtags, geo-location, and many more strategies.

Benefits of personal brand

Personal branding has a lot of profits when having control over the narrative part that surrounds online personality. It is nothing but putting your face behind the business. This is the reason why top brands take the help of a celebrity spokesperson to spread their business brands. It is not necessary for you to be a celebrity to establish a personal brand but should have interesting stories to share across.

Gain online visibility

When you engage in personal branding online, you become more accessible to the online audience. A simple internet search will help the audience connect with you. Many entrepreneurs are scared about making themselves visible online. Being cautious about your online boundaries will help you have control over what you want to share with your audience.

Leverage Your Network

As you establish your personal brand online, you will develop a big network that turns out to be an asset for growing your business. Having a network of people at your disposal turns to be extremely beneficial when you launch a new product or establish a new business.

Become an identifiable person

Personal branding in addition to increasing your online visibility will make you more recognisable thereby making yourself a brand and help you excellent conversion mechanics.

Stronger business

Your personal branding plays a key role in making your business brand stronger. These two entities will interest to add mutual benefit to each other.
Leverage brand and build partnerships

You can use personal branding to get connected with the people in the industry and build a partnership with the business that has identical customers.

Flourish online relationship

Personal branding can be used to flourish your online relations as well. Your strong personal branding will make many visitors repeated customers for the business.


Though personal branding during the initial stages may create anxiety, it will help in building your confidence levels as you get comforted with it. There are many advantages of personal branding,

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There are lots of personal branding examples that can serve you as a guide for building your personal brand

  • Heather Armstrong is a good example of personal brand success, she builds income through ads on the website and sponsored content as well.
  • Gary Vee is another example who has developed into one of the successful marketers in the world by building a personal brand through sharing Vlogs on his passion for wine

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