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What is programming?

The point of doing programming is create a process through a set of instructions that tell a computer to perform different tasks which can be done in some of the languages which include








Ruby/Ruby on the rails


C Language






Javascript itself can be used for just about anything such as when you were in school if you used one of them which you probably did most of them would work of this type of software so it’s more less impossible to not use something in this style at least once for example if you worked in Retail ever sold Lottery that software runs on Javascript as well so being in any kind of job and not using this style is more less impossible to not have overall.

Python it self can be used for many things even very complex things can be done on it even websites can be built in this style part of why some people prefer this to WordPress it can load very fast or be able to perform many functions quite easy for example lets say you want to run a keyword rankings software you could get the data from a Google Api key then sell this is a service to someone for like $20 a month quite easy as like a small to big side line business you may want to run quite easy as well.

Chrome itself is a possible software allowing you make things work online quite easy to do more less anything such as perform keyword research check if the words or grammar is spelled right such as Grammarly is very popular all around the world for clear reasons mostly relating to the high quality or standards they give to customers you can use it for free or paid them monthly sum depending on your needs a month but it’s used by tutors in colleges or universities or schools or just general people like me overall.

The advantages you can over using this compared to things on physical computers if you use say Windows or Apple or Android or Linux you are forced to only use these software on a computer but since the software works through Google Browsers none of these sorts of restrictions exist overall part of why so many people love using Browser themed extensions of Apps overall so many things can be done even if you just make a private one for your own uses can still give you many chances to use this online in any location which you have internet access and some kind of computer whatever it’s software spec overall so much you can do with this overall.

Linux the story into why this was invented because they did not like Windows or Bill Gates it sounds a bit silly but that’s why it was invented the main advantage you have of this compared to other majority of things for it are free and load very fast you can also since it’s a lot less common for people to know this be able to charge people quite big money since only like 5% of the programmers in the world can do this sort of work overall.



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