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Why Your Small Business Still Needs a Website in 2022

The internet has increasingly become the preferred site for many daily activities. From talking to friends and family to setting appointments and purchasing essentials, online tools have served as viable alternatives to real-life activities.

The same could be said for business. Now, companies are seeing the need to establish and maintain an online presence to connect with their customers and target audience.

But what kind? Is a website still needed if social media is enjoying significant growth? Our answer is yes, and here are seven reasons why.

1. Adds Credibility

A business website takes time and resources to create, especially if it is well-designed and optimized. This makes a website a good marker of credibility, particularly towards existing or potential customers.

Your website would likely contain important information about your business and helpful resources your customers might need.

Well-curated website content will help paint a clearer picture of your business. It helps build brand credibility and authority, especially if you’re in a highly competitive industry.

2. Gives You Complete Control

There are several ways in which you can create your own website. You could use more beginner-friendly DIY website builders like Wix or Squarespace or create your website from scratch through platforms like

The latter option is quite challenging for beginners, so it might be a good idea to hire a professional software developer should you choose to go this route.

However, it does offer many avenues for personalization. This is mainly due to the wide selection of plugins you could use to add to your website’s overall look and functionality.

3. Encourages Customers to Take Action

Understanding the customer journey for your business helps you improve your marketing strategies. No matter where they come from or hear about your brand, you want them to end up on your website.

Your business website should be a one-stop shop for your customers interested in your products or services. It is an excellent way to attract potential customers and keep their attention.

Attracting people to your website allows your business to gain more leads, repeat customers, and consistent website visitors. This is especially true if your website offers valuable information and resources besides your regular product or service lineup.

4. Allows You to Sell Directly to Your Customers

Having control over your website also means you could establish your own online shop. If your business is primarily based on selling products or booking services, having your own e-commerce website would be a lot more convenient.

Processing your sales in-house helps cut down on potential inefficiencies and profit cuts you may experience when using other e-commerce platforms.5. Maximizes Your Marketing Options

People use the internet for various reasons. Many use it for instant messaging, social media, email, and commerce. This means you have many avenues where you can market your brand.

Having a website as your online home base helps you explore different types of online marketing. This is while ensuring each could lead customers directly to your business.6. Offers Social Proof

People trust real people. Traditional advertising has lost a lot of its effectiveness, especially in online spaces and among younger generations, making social proof essential in today’s media landscape.

Reviews, customer feedback, and user-generated content are great forms of social proof. Featuring them on your website could help significantly in boosting your brand’s reputation.

7. Provides Lasting Value

Marketing trends may come and go. However, your business will always need a home base. Consider your business website as an investment that offers a steady stream of traffic and income for as long as you maintain it.

The internet isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon, and your business website will continue generating revenue for your business in years to come.

There might be ups and downs, especially as consumer demands and tastes change. Still, continue to adapt to the times and work on your products and marketing strategies. Your website will be one of your most consistent and valuable assets.

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