3 Essential Things That Your Pixel Art Games Must Have

The pixel art style has become very popular with video games. It is a very popular choice for game developers today. With pixel art, game developers can animate their gaming objects and create an excellent viewing experience for their players. This is where a pixel art app comes in. These apps can help you with your project, be it a video game project, animation, or illustration.

There are so many pixel art games available on the internet today. Your choice of an app will depend on what kind of project you are handling and what you are looking for in a pixel art app. Some of the most popular pixel art today include Dotpict, Pixel Studio, Pixel Art, Pixilart, and many others. All these apps typically have the same goal, which is to help you create perfect art.

But when you are choosing a pixel art game app, what do you look for in one? Which features interest you more? Well, keep on reading this article as it gives you some of the essential things you should look for in a pixel art app. Let’s get started!

Top three things your pixel art mobile app should have

  1. Stunning graphic

If you want to play your pixel art game for hours, then the app should have perfect graphics that can make the game more enjoyable.  When the game is fun and interesting, of course, the player will have a perfect gaming experience.

No player wants to play a game with poor graphics or boring gameplay. If they come across such a game, they will hop to the next available game. Many people are usually attracted to certain games due to their stunning graphics. This is why pixel art mobile apps need to have graphics that are attractive, from environments, characters, and lighting. These are some of the things that help to create amazing gameplay and make the players continue playing.

  1. Simplicity

Of course, a pixel art app should be easy to use and user-friendly. No player wants to waste their precious time trying to figure out how the app is functioning. They want an app that is easy to use and doesn’t have complicated features.

It is no secret that when players are looking to download a gaming app, one of the top things they look for is the app’s ease of use. That’s because they don’t want an app that takes like forever juts to understand the basics. So a pixel art game should have a user-friendly interface that can enable players of all backgrounds, whether beginners or savvies, to enjoy the game without any limitations. One of the best pixel art apps that are easy to use is Pixilart and Dotpict. So, any pixel art mobile app that wants to enjoy massive downloads should be user-friendly and very engaging.

  1. Compatibility

Of course, a pixel art game app should be compatible with the mobile platform. It should function properly and provide a fantastic experience to its users. The last thing a player wants is to have the app crash or misbehave when they are in the middle of a game. This can be very annoying. A gaming app that functions properly with no hitches will provide players with a great gaming experience, which is essentially what players are looking for in any gaming app.

In addition to that, a good pixel art app should support all formats, including PNG, GIF, and JPG.  The app should also support RGBA formats. This will enable the app to open up a wide range of colorful picture galleries to the users. So players should prioritize compatibility if they want to enjoy any pixel art game.

A bonus feature

  • Fast loading time

This feature is crucial for a pixel art gaming app. A pixel art gaming app with a fast leading time will definitely attract many players. No player wants to use an app that takes like forever to open, this will just make the app very annoying, and players will avoid it like a plague. A good pixel art app should load within four seconds. If not, users will uninstall the app and look for another one that has fast loading time.

Final thoughts

If a pixel art mobile app has the above features, it will attract more players, and these players will want to play these games for hours and hours.

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