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Find Out How Room Schedule Software Can Improve Your Company Culture

The pandemic has raged on for the last two years, and we’ve all settled into a bit of normalcy. With that has come a return to the office for many companies, whether it’s entirely back in person, or a hybrid model. Everyone is more cognizant of personal space and cleanliness, so in person meetings have some extra steps to make workers feel safe, including sanitizing tables.

How do you know if a meeting room is free, or has an appointment booked before yours and thus needs cleaning in between meeting times? Chances are your company has a way to keep track of conference room availability, but is it in a place where everyone can access it?

Does it work as efficiently as you’d like? If your answer to these questions is no, then you need room schedule software to tie all these loose knots together.

Improve Productivity By Avoiding Double Bookings

Have you ever gone to the conference room you thought you’d booked for the big meeting, only to discover another team in the middle of a planning session? After apologies and frantically hustling to find a free room, you probably thought about how frustrating the whole experience was. What if you could avoid that altogether with room schedule software?

Imagine software that updates availability in real time, so all you need to do is check briefly before reserving a room. You’ll see rooms that are currently free, when they’re booked next, if they’re booked throughout the entire week, and if you need something last minute, if they’re available in the next few minutes. No more guesswork or accidentally double booking, because you can see reservations right away.  Meetings can go forward without interruptions, increasing productivity and reducing tension in the workplace.

Easy to Interpret Room Status Eliminates Confusion

The right room schedule software will include easy-to-interpret accessibility.  Each room will have a color coded schedule that shows when it’s free—green for available, red for booked, blue for a permanent reservation, and yellow if the room will be free in thirty minutes. This removes all guesswork when booking a conference room, so you won’t accidentally walk in on someone’s performance review or some other confidential meeting.

The software can even interface with commonly used applications, so you can seamlessly integrate personal calendars, making it easier than ever to schedule a time when everyone is available. Confirmation texts and emails eliminate no-shows, and a tracking system showing which rooms are utilized more than others can help you decide which spaces may need extra attention. It simply doesn’t get easier to manage meeting reservations, particularly during busy seasons that require collaboration and planning.

Room Schedule Software Restores Employee Sanity

Even in these times of increased remote work, people get together in person to put their heads together to plan projects, strategize, and conduct important reviews. Remove double bookings, no shows, and the resentment that can come with those things by using the perfect scheduling software with real time updates.

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