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How to Easily Give Back to Your Community This School Year

One way you  can give back to your community is to provide school supplies for children in need or to give them as rewards.This effort represents an excellent chance to support community schools and motivate school-age children socially and academically.

So, how do you make this happen?

You can give to the children in your community by buying school supplies wholesale. Purchasing backpacks and supplies in bulk and giving the items to kids inspires learning and imparts an overall feeling of goodwill.

One of the lowest cost bulk items comes in the form of a backpack that contains supplies such as a pencil case, glue stick, crayons, pencils, pens, an eraser, and glue stick. Typically, you can order 24 kits (backpack and supplies) at just over $6.00 per kit

Therefore, you’d pay about $147.00 for a case of 24 kits. The per kit price is reduced when you order more cases of kits.For example, if you buy 100 cases of 24 kits each (2,400 kits) your per kit cost is usually just over $5.00 and your per case cost is reduced to around $125.00. You can dispense the kits through your organization or club.

You can also dispense the backpack/supply kits to school systems so they can give them to teachers to give to their students. How you handle the transaction is dependent on how you wish to donate the school supplies. Some organizations buy the school supplies in bulk to be given out at charity fundraising events as well.

Where to Buy Wholesale School Supplies and How You Can Use Them

If you’re a school administrator, you might buy school supplies from online wholesalers, such as Bags in Bulk, to support a program that is designed to upgrade your school’s resources or offerings. For example, you might distribute the bags and supplies for class projects.

Give the Bags as Rewards During Open House Events

The bags can also be given out during monthly open houses where teachers host activities and meet with students and parents. Teachers can give the backpacks and supplies as rewards for competitive open house events.

Reward Your Students for their Efforts – Academically and Vocationally

You can also give the backpacks and school supplies to the students you choose to be greeters at your school. For example, you might choose several students to serve as greeters in a greeter program. Typically, two students are designated as greeters for each class period. They greet school visitors and direct them to where they need to go.

In addition, you can recognize students for academic achievements by giving them school supply backpacks.

Hand Out Backpacks and Supplies at Fairs or for Reading Programs

You might also hand out the backpacks at a school fair. In addition, they serve as great incentives for reading programs at a school. Besides the supplies, you can also include a book or two in each bag.

Prepare Students for their Studies

One of the key indicators of a student’s success in class is in how they prepare. When you buy wholesale school supplies and backpacks for donations, you’re giving students the necessary items to thrive academically and personally.

Even if you’re only supplying students with notebooks and pencils or pens, you’re giving them the basic means to focus on their studies. When a student enters a classroom without supplies, you can liken it to trying to guide a canoe without a paddle.

When a child lacks the needed supplies and the backpack for carrying them, it’s hard to develop academically. Therefore, your support along these lines can make a major difference in how a child adapts themselves to a learning style.

When children have the needed school supplies, they feel more secure. By having their supplies in close reach, they can engage in study activities and enhance their creative skills. Without the proper preparation, a child may feel overwhelmed – a feeling that can lead to low self-esteem and poor behavior at school.

Keep Children Academically and Socially Motivated

Children regularly carry backpacks to school – carryalls that allow them to organize themselves for their studies. By buying wholesale school supplies and backpacks, you’ll give a child who may not be able to afford the items to feel on equal terms with his or her classmates.


When a student feels this way, they often open up more in school, which allows for more creativeness and self-expression. They feel more inclined to brainstorm – to be part of a discussion or a required activity.

If a child does not feel this sense of empowerment, they can easily lose their initiative. In some cases, a child may become disruptive or cause trouble in class. Internally, they may feel frustrated or unaccepted by their peers. However, when they have the necessary supplies, they realize a purpose – a reason for learning and excelling in their studies.

Besides being prepared and using the proper school supplies, a student must also follow an age-appropriate curriculum plan. Wholesale school supplies are designed to meet the school outlines of courses in the lower grades and middle school.

Keep Students Organized and Focused

By having access to the proper supplies, a student won’t veer off course when it comes to learning activities. Students who carry supplies for classroom use also learn how to better organize themselves. This helps them manage their lessons and contributes to their overall success at school.

Students cannot master certain skills without the proper tools.

Think about it.

What happens when you walk in the rain without an umbrella? How do you fare if you walk through the mud without boots? Can you really play tennis without a racquet? As you can see, the right tools will give a person what they need to stay out of trouble and focus on what they need to do.

When you buy wholesale school supplies, review the backpack and school supply kits for the schools or students that will receive your donations. Take a look at the syllabus of the class or classes where the supplies will be used. Doing so will give you a better idea of what to include in a school supply kit.

Encourage Better Learning in Your Community

No one really gives that much thought to school supplies who have easy access to the items. However, not all children have this advantage. Whether they are used for children in need or given as rewards, these types of items have a far-reaching impact on a student’s ability to get along with others and excel academically.

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