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The Beginner’s Guide to Editing YouTube Videos

Youtube has become one of the most sought-after careers in the last decade. This is because of the popularity that the platform has grown to. This is inviting brands, creators, and people with talent to showcase their intelligence on the same. However, in this race of being the content creator, there is something even more important. As soon as the term content enters the room, so does video editing. These two things go hand in hand, and there

S good enough reasons for the same. If you want to learn how to be a good editor for youtube videos, then today’s article is just for you. Today we’re going to list out a few ways that will help you edit content really well on youtube. So without further ado, let’s jump right in:-

Chose a video editing platform

The first step towards becoming a good video editor is to find the software that you blend with. For this, you need to find video editing software that fits your needs and requirements. There is a plethora of software around the market. However, if you are looking for one that helps you out with beginner video editing skills, then the one that we’d suggest would be the youtube editor itself. The youtube video editor is easy to access, efficient, and most importantly, gets the job done. The youtube editors can be found on the studio app or on the creator studio web page. Once you get access to the editor, you can do all the basic things. This includes trimming, adding background music, adding 3D motion to the frames, and much more. Most importantly, it lets you tell a story without much effort, which in our opinion is great. If you’re starting out with video editing, there is hardly anything else you would require. However, if you want to learn right at the brand, then we’d suggest going for premiere pro. However, do take into consideration, that this is a much more difficult platform to edit videos on. But is great for high-end editing projects. If not, use the windows editor, that works just fine as well. 

Trim the beginning or end of the video

If you’re new to content creation, then the end and the beginning of your clip must be a waste of footage. This is because usually, these ends are errors in camera management. If you dont want these to be apparent then make sure to trim them out. However, trimming leaves loose ends. What we mean by that is, that if you trim the ends, the video seems abrupt. To smoothen out the ends, creators usually, add an intro and an outro sequence. This might be some graphics followed by background music. You can use that template or come out with something creative. Either way, you need to give a proper start and end to your youtube videos. Make sure of the timestamps you’re trimming, so that you dont miss out on the important bit. 

Trim out the middle

If you have made a long-cut video, then this tip is just for you. If you’re sitting somewhere talking about a topic, and you fumbled multiple times, then trimming the middle is the best way to get rid of it. All you have to do is look out for these skips and trim them. This makes your videos much cleaner and more professional. This is one of the most notable rookie mistakes. If you keep the bloopers, it would just be distracting to the viewer, especially in the crux. 

Add transition effects

Adding transition effects is really essential to your edit. This is because the transitions make the movement from one scene to the other smoother. Transition does not need to be fancy. If you’re trying to add those PowerPoint transitions to your youtube videos, you might as well just leave them be. Adding softer transitions, like a slide or a flip is much better than a crossfade. These transition effects signal to the people that they are entering a new segment in the video, which is why they must be subtle, and not in the face. 

Buy youtube subscribers

If you’re trying to take a youtube channel to the moon, then there is something handier than editing skills. Marketing. Youtube marketing is pretty simple if you put your head around it. Here subscribers are more important, which is why we highly recommend you to buy youtube subscribers. Buying youtube subscribers does not ban your account. However, if you buy youtube subscribers from an unknown website, they might scam you or send bt accounts as subscribers. This ruins your overall youtube engagement and you can kiss your youtube channel goodbye. However, if you’re looking for high-quality genuine followers, then we highly recommend visiting, venom, and views expert. These websites have been around for a long time. They add their years of experience and knowledge to their youtube marketing strategies, making them the best in the industry. If you’re looking to boost your youtube channel, then buying youtube subscribers is the way to go. Moreover, if you haven’t tried buying youtube subscribers before, you must. The platform is great when you have real engagement, which is you should try the names mentioned here. 


The above-mentioned 5 tips are essential for you to be a good editor. Also, if you’re looking to grow your youtube channel faster, then we recommend checking subscriber packages from viewsexpert and venom. These websites are great when it comes to testimonies as they have a ton posted on their portal. If you’re looking for evidence, there are plenty of success stories that they boast on their social media channels. We’re sure you will find these tips greatly helpful in your youtube journey. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word.

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