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What are the reasons to use RDP server?

Technology is progressing at a rapid pace. IT is now at a different level. Every now and then we come across a new discovery that facilitates us in hundreds of ways. RDP is one of the most successful inventions of this day and age. 

RDP which stands for Remote Desktop Gateway is a service that allows you to securely log into the company’s computer from any device connected to the Internet which is running a Remote Desktop client application. 

Despite the benefits being offered, a lot of people do not know about RDP. Here are some reasons why you should buy RDP:

  • Secure connections

The first and foremost reason to use RDP is that secure connections are being offered to the user. The remote connection is kept safe by only requiring a single firewall. It is completely secure and protected from all sorts of potential hacking attempts. The same technology is often used by online banking and e-commerce websites. This is a reflection of the fact that how safe and secure RDPs are. 

  • Many options through one connection

RDP gives the flexibility of either many people logging into the server concurrently or the employees remotely connecting to their PCs. There is no need to worry about IP addresses or DNS servers in either case. All that you need to enter into the client connection is the name of the PC that you want to connect to. This makes the process much easier, convenient and user-friendly. This is why many business owners prefer RDPs. 

  • No VPN is required

When it comes to RDPs, there is no need for a VPN. A device that has an RD client can be connected directly over the Internet without the need to open unnecessary tunnels between an employee’s home computers and the corporate networks. This means that a lot of money is saved on VPN solutions. Most of the businesses look forward to saving money. The things are kept much simpler, easier and convenient for the users which further helps in increasing productivity. 

  • No third party websites

The remote controlling device and the remotely controlled computer needs to connect to a server operated by the service in order to get a connection. This is the case with most of the remote-access solutions. On the other hand, RDP is a bit different where the connections are made directly to the company’s network. There is a need for an intermediary in between. This makes the process much easier and simplified. 

  • RDPs are part of the window’s server

If you already have a window’s server, then you already have access to the RDP. If you need to get things configured, then an additional need for an SSL certificate might arise. Give that RDP’s are already part of the window’s server, things become much easier and systematic. 

The bottom line

Above are some of the major benefits of using RDP and why most of businesses should use it. However, it is not an exhaustive list and there are other benefits as well.

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