Why You Should Spend Some Time Playing Picture Cross

Picture cross is a fun and challenging puzzle game. It is also known as nonogram, griddler, picross, paint by numbers, or hanjie. The game got its name from the fact that each puzzle is a picture-crossword hybrid. Each puzzle has the same logic as a regular crossword, but the clues are provided by images instead of words.

What are the Rules of Picture Cross?

The rules for picture cross game are simple. You need to look at the numbers on top of each row and on the left of each column. These numbers tell you how many blocks in that row or column must be filled in. Each number represents a block of consecutive squares that must all be filled in.

For example, if there is a ‘2’ at the top of a row, then somewhere in that row, there must be two consecutive filled-in squares. If there are two ‘5’s next to each other at the top of that row, then there must be two sets of five consecutive filled-in squares somewhere in that row (and they can’t touch). If four squares are already filled in next to each other in that row, then it doesn’t matter how many more blocks are required; they can only go above and below those four already-filled squares.

Here are more hints

The first clue (top left) tells us that there is one filled square in the first row and that it is not in the first column.

The second clue (top middle) tells us that there are two filled squares in the second row, and they are not next to each other.

The third clue (top right) tells us that there are three consecutive filled squares in the third row.

The fourth clue (middle-left) tells us that there are four filled squares in the fourth column, and they are not next to each other.

The fifth clue (middle-middle) looks like it is from a different game, but it’s really just telling us that there are five consecutive filled squares in the fifth column.

The sixth clue (middle-right) tells us that there are six non-consecutive filled squares in the sixth column.

Why Play Picture Cross?

Picture cross is an engaging and enjoyable way to improve your skills in logic and deduction. It helps you develop the ability to think analytically, which means it can help in all areas of your life. For example, logical thinking can be used when you are trying to make sense of a difficult situation or when trying to solve a problem.

When you play picture cross games regularly, you are exercising your thinking skills, your analytical and logical reasoning skills. Playing picture cross games can benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Helping you make decisions more quickly
  • Improving your problem solving skills
  • Increasing your thinkingenergy

Finally, picture cross is a game where you fill in the squares of a 7×7 grid with numbers 1–9 so that each row and column contain each number exactly once. Each clue tells you how many squares in its row or column are filled in and will also tell you something about the location of the filled-in squares. This game is easy to understand and exciting at the same time.

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