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ASP.NET Development: ASP.NET Core Framework for Web Development

Web applications are everywhere. They can be accessed by almost every device if you have an internet connection. In these ever-evolving changes in the IT sector, it could be confusing for companies to select which platform to opt for. Having been in the industry for a while, we can safely say that ASP.NET will fit the bill for many organizations. Let us tell you exactly why.

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a framework specifically designed and developed by Microsoft for web development. Microsoft developed it and open-sourced the entire project to allow more professionals from the industry to contribute to the project. It was first introduced in 2002 and quickly got widespread recognition, thanks to its support for cross-platform support, allowing web apps to function similarly, irrespective of whether it was on a computer or a mobile device.

To understand what makes ASP.NET Core Framework a perfect choice for web development, look at how it was designed and how it operates. We have put together a list of the key traits of our ASP .Net development services.

What Makes ASP.NET Core Framework Perfect for Web Development?

  • Open-Source Framework

The idea of deploying proprietary tools and having to depend on a 3rd party company for support may not sit well with many corporates. That is why many organizations, including SMEs, love open-source software and platform. As the entire codebase will be available in a central database, it allows you to make changes that can be used by other organizations. If they apply some fixes, you will be able to deploy them to your systems as well, creating a win-win situation for both. That is the benefit of using an open-source platform.

  • Secure Environment

Security is a core element of every organization. Securing their IPs from hackers and prying eyes is essential for your business to succeed. Microsoft understood that and developed advanced tools and elements that keep the ASP.NET platform secure and protected against zero-day exploits. Not to mention, if an organization finds any vulnerability, it could simply patch it, and everyone, including you, will benefit from it. On top of that, Microsoft has developed an authentication system built into the platform and an Access Control management for verified login entry.

  • Intrinsic Tools for Developers

To build an open-source platform that can be used by anyone, including large enterprises and SMEs, it must be truly scalable, and Microsoft understood that from day 1. They have implemented a full suite of applications and tools that will allow developers to customize the platform according to their needs and requirements. Developers can configure various protocols and integrate multiple APIs and plugins. You don’t have code all the way through. Microsoft developed an IDE called Visual Studio, which allowed developers to implement various features and elements with little to no coding.

One can even use it for iOS app development services. Developers can also easily integrate ASP.NET with existing HTTP protocols. ASP.NET can be used with other languages, including Visual Basic.NET, allowing developers to add sophisticated animations and complex backend logic.

  • Support for Cross-Platform Development

One could say the support for cross-platform development is what made it so popular and a perfect choice for many developers across the globe. Software development services provide web developers with a single interface that can be easily scaled according to the device and operating system of choice. So irrespective of whether you have a mobile device or computer running Windows OS or anything else, you will get a familiar experience.

  • Razor Pages

As an individual developer, you know the importance of razor pages when developing individual pages. Using razor pages can significantly boost the performance and loading speed of the page. It organizes the codes of every page into proper formatting and links it with other pages. You can link one page’s animations to another, allowing for a complex animation to be played with little to no effort.

  • Package and Automatic Memory Management

The package manager responsible for managing and executing all the protocols and procedures in ASP.NET is NuGet. It can consume, create, and even publish packages on its own. It can also automatically manage its memory within an allocated set. However, you can also increase the total amount of memory available to the platform if the need arises.

The Conclusion

With rapidly changing landscapes of web development comes the need for a robust platform that can do it all while being safe and secure. ASP.NET Core Framework can deliver that for your organization. It has all the tools, modules, and plugins you could need, and most importantly, you will get support from Microsoft.

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